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SKIN-X BAR END mirrors are E-MARKED and they are part of the high B-LUX range.

They are in ALUMINUM with a special design signed BARRACUDA, SKIN-X BAR END are part of SKIN project, they are characterized by an essential design and a HI-TECH appearence.

SKIN-X BARE END are sold in PAIRS and are E-MARKED.

Will be available as OPTIONAL some colored INSERTS in RED, GREEN, BLUE, GOLD, SILVER.

They have a UNIVERSAL EXPANSION fitting compatible with RACING BARRACUDA handlebars (int. Diameter 17mm), are possibly also compatible with the original handlebars by adopting BARRACUDA adapters sold separately.

NOTE= YAMAHA, KAWASAKI, BMW and HONDA motorcycles need the adapter that allows the rear view mirror to be mounted on the original handlebar.

Design by BARRACUDA.
BARRACUDA's E-MARKED MIRRORS respect European regulations on road safety The ratification code has to be on the mirrors body following the law, in fact it results as a stamping on the glass with a symbol (E....) The E-MARKED mirrors must have a MINIMUM reflective DIMENSION then they can NOT have small sizes. All the BARRACUDA's mirrors have UNIVERSAL mount with male screw 10 x 1,25 (right screwing) GENERAL ASSEMBLY rules : All YAMAHA motorbikes need ADAPTOR code N-ADATT10 All HONDA, KAWASAKI, SUZUKI, TRIUMPH, APRILIA, MOTO GUZZI motorbikes DON'T NEED adaptors All DUCATI motorbikes need adaptors to choose verifying the original atacck of motorbike (adaptors available on-line on the official web store www.barracudamoto.com ) All BMW motorbikes need adaptors to choose verifying the original atacck of motorbike (adaptors available on-line on the official web store www.barracudamoto.com ) Some MV AGUSTA don't need adaptors some others need specific adaptor for MV brand (adaptors available on-line on the official web store www.barracudamoto.com ) For any further information or technical requirements, we please you to ask to our TECHNICAL OFFICE sendind a mail to: tecnico@barracudamoto.it

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